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Sparrow Story

More About the Sparrow

In Sparrow Story we meet some familiar characters from the Gospel, except that now they're wearing new clothes, driving fast cars and one or two could be carrying guns.

Meet the Boss (who has a striking resemblance to Jesus) and the rest of his crew. Find out who shot a newsman by the name of Johnny Palotski (John the Baptist) and why he’s making trouble long after he's dead.

Then there's the evil Mr Mammon and, worse still, the Fly. You're not going to like them!

Why a sparrow as story teller?

Nobody knows why the narrator is a street-wise little sparrow: it just happened. But a bird’s eye view can be very useful.

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Using the book:

Sparrow Story is for everyone – but churches will find it useful in study, confirmation, and Lent groups.

It’s perfect for outreach for folk on the fringes of the Church. Ideal for schools, colleges – even for prisons.

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